The Astro Journey

22 Dec 2022 | 11:41 pm

I've been trying to become a hobby web developer for quite some time now. Primarily due to lack of availability, I always skip tutorials and bloated frameworks that take forever to learn. Then I found out about Astro. It took me just a few days (1 hour each day) to grasp the basics and get a site up and running (in Typescript!).

Highly based on Sait Nang's Astro Paper, working on this blog has taught me a lot so far. Astro makes it easy to ship sites and has an amazing docs section. I mean, it literally says "start here":

Perusing the docs was enough for me to get excited and the way it tells inexperienced devs that web development is not that hard to grasp was enough to get me finally started on this journey.

For now, I'll continue to explore and start making more projects.

Here's the repo for this site: